About Us

In the early 1900’s, the Portland Automobile Club originally owned the 5 acres on which the Riverview Restaurant now stands. Years later, the scenic property was sold to the Viking Organization, a Swedish club in search of grounds to host picnics and other social functions. Hence, the entire area soon came to be known as “Viking Park.” In 1932, the Viking Organization leased their property to the Soderbergs, a Swedish family who then opened a café at the Park cooking Swedish cuisine and renting cabins to travelers. After Prohibition, alcoholic beverages were added to the café menu, marking the start of the property’s future transformation into a local community pub. Eventually, when ownership of the café changed, the “Rustic Inn” became “Hagar’s of Viking Park.” Under this name, one-time owner Kurt Jensen helped to develop the pub into a popular family-dining destination in a peaceful park setting.

In 1991, Junki and Linda Yoshida acquired the adjacent property, which consists of fifteen acres and the original clubhouse of the Portland Automobile Club, which was built in 1912. As time went by, they envisioned reassembling this divided property and creating a remarkable landmark that would include a restaurant on the river in a beautifully landscaped setting, catering to the tastes and atmosphere largely desired within the community.

The Riverview Restaurant was specifically designed to take advantage of the natural beauty of the region and provide an exceptional view of Troutdale’s scenic Sandy River. Adding to its unique elements, all of the milled trees that were removed on the property were incorporated into the building’s structure. The gazebo and manicured grounds have been designed to explore, host weddings and receptions, and for entertainment or musical venues. Finally, throughout the restaurant and for your viewing pleasure, we are proud to display original artwork from the Yoshida’s private art collection.

As for our gourmet food… Our talented team of chefs apply their extensive knowledge and experience of food preparation while using the finest Northwest ingredients, and our servers are available to assist you in answering any questions in regard to making your menu selections.

Thank you for considering our restaurant for your dining experience. We are delighted to be of service to you and hope that you will soon become a frequent visitor to the Riverview Restaurant.